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We are excited to carry a limited line of wonderful teas from the Boulder Tea Company!  These teas are in lidded tins with 15 tea sachets in each.  Available teas are:


Rocky Mountain Mint - Refreshing peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen blend in harmony with the honey apple notes afforded by a touch of chamomile.  Caffeine Free


Lady Gray's Garden - An exotic character is added to Earl Grey delivering a frangrant bouquet of floral notes with aromatic blossoms of jasmine, rose petals, and lavender. A hint of creme flavor makes this a decadent choice for afternoon tea.  We love this with a touch of milk and honey.


Blue Moon - Blue Moon is an artfully formulated blend of Chinese Black Tea delicately laces with real vanilla and blueberries. Smooth, naturally sweet, fruity and lightly malty.  Add a little milk and honey to make it an even tastier special treat.


Colorado White Peach - We've enhanced the sublime flavor and aromatic nuances of classic White Peony tea with just a hint if peach essence. This is a perfect selection when you simply seek a refreshing cup or pot of tea with an ultra-mellow brew...devine with shortbread, pasteries, sorbet. This tea epitomizes tea refreshment and inspiration within your busy world.


Tranquility Tea - Unwind and relax with our exclusive blend of soothing herbs and botanicals. Crafted to reduse stress and anxiety, as well as support healthy sleep, our delicous blend is the perfect choice for a nuturing evening ritual of decompression with time - honored, safe herbs and flowers. Caffeine Free

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse Teas