Desiderata Ranch Membership

Unlike the typical CSA most farms offer, the Desiderata Ranch Membership is actually more of a "Buyer's Club".  With a CSA your "box" is filled with what the farmer chooses to include in it.  Our Membership allows you to purchase what you like, in the quantities you can use, at discounted prices.

So, how does the Desiderata Ranch Membership work? There is a $35 annual membership fee and a minimum starting "bank" of $200.  Produce, preserves, and lavender honey are discounted by 10% and raw honey is discounted by 15%. Your initial $200 credit is then used for your purchases, when you reach $25 left in your "bank" we will notify you and you can replenish your bank at any amount you would like. The $35 annual Membership fee is renewable on Jan 1 of the following year.

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